A Camera that Catches the Subject from 158 Angles!

If you always caught yourself staring at yourself in the mirror from all the different angles, it is no wonder that you might have also tried to capture your image from many different angles. Most people do this so that they know for sure there is nothing wrong with their skin or hair, and hence try to take pictures all the time.

If you were one of these, you could try and get this cool camera developed at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. The camera has already entered the Guinness World records as it sports the most number of lenses in the world. It comes with 158 lenses of $2.10 each. It can even shoot 3D pictures thanks to the CT technology.

It was built by associate professor Yojiro Ishino and his students in order to capture the image of a flame from many different angles. The lenses are attached to the camera’s body in four rows and you can get all possible angles. I would have loved to get this camera for myself, but it was in the news in Japan just today, and hence it might take a lot of time for it to be developed commercially. Moreover, it is not meant for commercial usage, I believe.

Via: Crunch Gear
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