Trio Ultra: An Innovative Urban Vehicle

John Bukasa is a New Zealand based designer who has designed the Trio Ultra. This is an example of a futuristic motorcycle which comes with lots of protective stuff when compared with the conventional bikes. Thanks to contemporary technologies, it offers full protection to riders, and even if you crash your bike, the windshield supports the rider.

It can protect you from dirt, dust and water. There would be no detrimental effects to the eyes, and even when you don’t wear the helmet you would like amazingly chic! Thus, the car turns everyone who has no charms into someone who is really charming. This car is almost like the story of Cinderella. It would even come with magnetic propulsion.


The Trio Ultra comes with a giant wheel and thanks to the airbags, you would be saved when the bike is hit hard by another vehicle. It comes with great Li-ion batteries and there is no end to the kind of attention you would get when you drive a vehicle like this. It is still not available but I am sure when it is, it will have a great impact on the existing market.


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