Concordia University’s Concept Altercycle Lets You Enjoy Both City & Country

It’s rather funny when those living abroad share with their kin in India that they are riding a bicycle to work and run errands, to which the latter are a bit surprised thinking maybe the ‘NRI’ has gone poor. This is just the difference in mindsets. With due respect to the growing Indian luxury lifestyle, let us give a gentle reminder to one and all – bicycles are healthier, cheaper and eco-friendly while cars and mobikes are everything but these. That said, we in India must try to appreciate a more natural way of life. It is quite easy on the pocket too (contrrary to the popular belief)!

Concordia University could not agree with us more. After all it has designed and developed a bicycle or should we say Altercycle that would attempt to surpass all the constraints that customer needs foresee in the path of riding the two-wheeler. Well, the new concept works with the idea of a hinged recumbent bike tat makes use of a gas spring (just like the one in our everyday office chair) to help you shift from one position to another.

So, you can enjoy the higher position when in the city as it gives you a shorter wheelbase. This in turn allows the biker to enjoy better visibility and maneuverability. On the other hand, the lower position is for all your lesiure times when you want to enjoy the joys of a traditional bicycle.

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