The Most Expensive Greeting Card Comes with an iPhone

How would you like to give the most expensive greeting card ever in the world to your lady love? I am sure you would love to do so, if you had the cash. Here is how you could attempt to do that, if you are willing to spend some time on adjusting an iPhone into the greeting card.

There is also a video that allows you do it, thanks to the geeky guys at Atomic Antelope. While the idea is not only stupid I would say it is totally uncalled for, to keep an iPhone in the middle of a greeting card when you could lace the card with real diamonds and golden dust. Why would anyone want an iPhone in a greeting card?

It might certainly be expensive to make a greeting card like that, but it is certainly not upmarket or chic, if you asked me. I am also quite certain no one wants to0 spend money on something that is not chic but is really expensive. So go ahead and make your own greeting card and lace it with diamonds and crystals instead of wasting an iPhone in a greeting card. The card would just look stupid and geeky, but never elite or chic.

Via: Asylum
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