P-Nut: Urban Concept by Honda

If you were wondering what could be the latest car to be announced by a large company, it has to be the one by Honda, called P-Nut Concept Car. It was announced at the 2009 LA Autoshow and is one of the coolest designs of a car that I have come across lately.

It gets its name from the acronym which stands for Personal-Neo Urban Transport. It comes with an angular 3 seater design and can be run with the help of a gas engine, a hybrid engine or an electric engine too. Engine would be kept at the back so that there could be enough room in the front. It is an ideal vehicle for urban conditions and could be used in big and small cities.

However, it is still a concept and we all know how concepts are usually treated by companies. They announce cool concepts and designs so that some interest is generated about the company and when they do get it, the concept conveniently gets shelved. Well, I am not really sure if the P-Nut is going to meet the same fate but it very well could be a possibility if you asked me. Let us wait and watch how it might turn out!

Via: Design Boom

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