Matas Jonaitis Designs Uber-cool boat “Verseka”

There is nothing better than a lazy afternoon at the river or the lake, fishing and boating. If you took a hot guy with you, it would be all the much better! Here is how you could carry the boat to the water body. Fold it in half, and easily take it in your four wheeler!

Well, it may sound improbable but Lithuanian designer Matas Jonaitis has designed the Verseka, which is a transformable boat. It is compact and can be fit inside a regular sized vehicle. It is amazingly chic and 2 people can easily sit in it. Imagine the afternoon getting darker and colder, and you are sitting in this beautiful boat only top realize that it is completely getting dark!


This boat will completely mesmerize you and you would forget the time and space in actuality! There is no information about the price and availability but you could certainly find out from the designer himself, and I am sure any amount is worth for a cool boat like this. If it is ever launched in the market, make sure you buy it immediately. I would so love to get it for myself, if only it were available.

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