The Q Speakers by Grier Govorko are Uber-Hep

The Q Speakers by Grier Govorko is something that you must look forward to buying, if you are looking for speakers that are good looking and functional. These speakers exude sensuality and make the living room resemble the halls of Moulin Rouge! They are made from New Zealand’s sustainable wood and come with a really cool Class D Amp, which makes the sound quality pretty amazing.

The stereo sound comes from the mid/high speakers which are hidden from view. Because it is kept behind, you get a reflective sound which is amazing and sonorous. Dave Levine, the guy behind Red Hot Chilli Peppers conceptualized these cool speakers and Q-Speakers have finally manufactured them for the benefit of music lovers around the world.

These speakers cost a lot and at $1,600, they are pretty expensive. If you have already saved up money for that face lift you have been wanting, you could go ahead and buy the speakers. When we say this, we mean to say that spend $1,600 on these speakers only if you have money saved up for more important things. Don’t you think?

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