The Electrolux Silent Vacuum Cleaner Is A Delight For Techie Fans Who Love Music

You might just start enjoying the everyday chores at home. And we have to credit Electrolux for bringing about this revolution. The brand known for its solution based home electronics is back in action with the Silent Vacuum Concept. This one is aimed for both those who are not fans of employing the maid services and those who are, for once you have used this machine, you will not want to use anything else. Cleaning the house would be a treat and totally not in a Tom Sayer painting the fence way!

The new vaccum has developed a way to keep the silence amplified to the extent tat it is already being declared as the most silent vacuum cleaner ever. Not just that, it comes well equipped with an iPod dock and integrated speaker to put the super silence mode to a very good use. After all, what’s better than dancing to your favorite tunes as you attack the dust bunnies.


We like the color black with a very slight but effective shade of electric green to frame the ipod space and wire enclosure. Though we haven’t heard anything on the price yet, we can safely assume that this one will fit in well with our money purse like most of the other Electrolux products.

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