Now You Can Drink The Gold Elixir Of Anti-Ageing & Relaxation

Gold is the buzz of the moment. Be it financial experts or makers of luxury products, everyone has taken a sudden liking for gold. Keeping in tune with the gold rush, we have spotted the Playstation 3 Slim, Nokia 6700 Classic, iPod Supreme and the Golden Cart all done up in solid gold, in recent times. And in all honesty, none is complaining for the Midas touch.

However, if even all that jazz could not quench your thirst then let us serve to you the first luxury water based on 24 carat gold ever in the world. This one comes with infusions of anti-ageing an anti-stree elements of pure gold. They are calling it Exousia Luxury and we are referring to it as the elixir for one has never witnesses such a unique interplay between 24 carat gold and particles of water.

The Exousia Luxury virgin glass bottle has been specially designed to support the reaction aforementioned, such that you can see the dazzling metal in action for yourself. As expected, this one is part of a limited edition. No word on the pricing yet, but we are sure that it might just cost you its weight in gold.

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