Jacob Innovations Unveil Bizarre Airplane Sleeping Arrangement for Economy Class

If you have begun to hate the way you flew, because you can’t afford first class tickets, you very well may be able to fly that way, very soon. Thanks to Jacob Innovations, it might be possible to fly in relative comfort that can be compared with first class.

They have developed a conceptual Flex-Seat which can be configured in as many as possible. It makes use of all the vertical space which is usually wasted in economy class compartments. It comes with double bunks, mezzanine floors and other such innovative methods of seating arrangements for passengers to sleep. However, it seems like the economy class passengers will now have to travel in a circus like fashion, if this design comes to use.

They will have to perch precariously and there would not be any psychological comfort whatsoever to know that there is someone sleeping above you, while you are high up in the air. Apparently, these seats can be sold on demand, whatever that means. I do not find this particularly interesting and no matter what, crouching in those economy class seats sounds better than indulging in acrobatics mid-air.

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