Bonhams Hosts Rare Whiskey Sale

If you are the kind of person who loves his or her whiskey, I am sure you would have liked to try and get all kinds of exotic and rare brands. Whiskeys that are vintage, and also those which are hard to be found are something that is valued by most whiskey lovers. Bonham’s will see the Whiskey sale where two really rare whiskeys would be sold and auctioned off, and are expected to fetch a lot of money.

The Lt 125 Dalmore is approximately 50 years old and bottle 18 would be auctioned off It comes in a crystal decanter and is expected to fetch $6,500 to $7,300. The Lot 644’s Royal Brackla was first created in 1924 and was found in a warehouse in 1984. It was again bottled in 1991 and would be presented only to the visitors and it shall cost $2,500 to $3,250.

Lot 125 Dalmore 50 hr

The best part should be the Dalmore which costs $6,500 to $7,300. There is nothing better than a great whiskey collection such as this in order to impress other whiskey lovers. I would have loved to get one for myself, and if you are interested, you could always visit the Bonham’s site for more information.
Lot 644 Royal Brackla 60 hr

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  • Ran accross your article concerning rara whiskey’s and I thought you may be able to help.
    i am looking for indformation on a old whiskey that I have as follows:

    The Geo. Bieler Sons Co. ; Cincinati, OH
    Brookfield Rye

    I have a full unopened bottle in perfect condition. i found it in a house about 40yrs ago and itb was probably 50yrs old at the time.

    Where can i find information?


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