It Is The World’s Yummiest & Most Expensive Gingerbread House Ever!

Christmas is time to show one’s generosity of spirit as well as ceativity when it comes to doing up the decorations. Each one of us enjoys to roll, bend and twist something or the other to spread the festive cheer. Gingerbread stuffs included. We love the man version too but it is always the house that steals the show. And this time it is a rather extra special Gingerbread House from Gotherburg, Sweden that has caught everyone’s breath. Well, this one is being touted as the most expensive ever.

Yes, you heard it right. The Gingerbread House is everything the home-shaped delicacy with a chocolate & sweet pasta frame, a gingerbread exterior, marzipan plates and caramel windows has been and much more.
The ceiling is as high as 50 cm and its grandeur is complemented by an entrance that leads into the main building stuffed with gourmet materials. Ooooh, the English styled library looks delicious and so does the crystal blue lake. The creator also thought of placing a carport with room for two cars. The bidding for this yummy abode starts at 3,000 Euros. Wonder why my mouth started watering while writing this post. Any guesses?










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