Cordaround’s Urban Awareness Jacket: A Strict No-no for the Fashion Conscious

Cordaround’s Urban Awareness Jacket was inspired by Bruce Boxleitner in Tron. The jacket is aimed at saving the lives of cyclists who get knocked down at night because they were stupid enough to ride at night when no one can see them.

However, if you still want to ride bicycles at night and do not want to be knocked down by a lorry, you should go ahead and get yourself the Cordaround’s Urban Awareness Jacket which looks like a regular cotton jacket during the day, but at night it reflects light like road signs do on the highways, so that approaching vehicles can see you on the cycle. However, drivers may get distracted by all the light and, lose control and still run over you, thanks to the light-reflecting jacket.


Hence, my opinion is, stay safe and drive a car. It does not matter if you waste energy and used up all the oil, for you may lose your life in the process of staying green. You could however buy it for the sake of novelty and if you ever get invited to a geek-party, wear this jacket and make your hosts happy.

Via: Eco Terre

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