Christmas Truck: What Is It All About?

If you were wondering what a Christmas Truck could all be about, you should ask the man himself, Mr. Kris Marshall. Kris Marshall is an Iowan who created the Christmas Truck by taping cheap lights to his $50 truck. He was inspired by the church and the decorations during Christmas.

The truck apparently looks hideous and at night looks awesome. It is illegal to use lights in such a way but he seems to be getting along fine with the local police, who have just let him be. The idea of making your truck so colourful, that too by using green technology is something awesome. Moreover, there is really no technology here.

christmas truck 2

He just took his silly old truck and stuck all the LED lights all around the truck, and that hardly requires any technology at all! It would be amazing to hitch a ride on this truck, but then again if you would like to take your guy in this truck, with all the lights lit up, you would attract a lot of unwanted attention, and we certainly don’t want that do we? Nevertheless, it is a cool and innovative way to celebrate Christmas.

christmas truck 3

Via: Jalopnik
christmas truck 1

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