Bugatti Tourbillon Wristwatch by Parmigiani Comes with a Car for $1,470,000

Bugatti has announced the launch of what could be the world’s most expensive watch. The Tourbillon wristwatch by Parmigiani would be sold with the US$1,470,000 16C Galibier and doubles up as the clock on the dashboard as well. The US$1,470,000 16C Galibier is one of the most exclusive and powerful four-door cars available right now.

The Galibier’s Tourbillon clock by Parmigiani can be detached and so can a television monitor be. While the watch itself is not the most expensive, the writers at Gizmag cleverly titled the article, as you would get this watch only with the expensive car we are talking about. If you want to wear that watch, you would literally have to spend US$1,470,000.

You might of course get a 16C Galibier, but then without spending that kind of amount, you will not get the Tourbillon wristwatch by Parmigiani. So go ahead and flaunt the money you have, for you never know if you can even get this car. I am sure many aristocrats would have already booked and you might lose out if you do not act soon. The watch looks pretty amazing itself too!

Via: Gizmag

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