George Washington’s Letter To Nephew Bushrod Auctions For $3.2M

History is quite a favorite with the luxury world nowadays. I hope my junk from today can translate into big bucks for my generations to come. You must be wondering as to what brought up this wishful thinking. Well, it is a letter penned by none other than George Washington that sold for a whopping $3.2 million at an auction recently. Might I add, that this is the highest price ever paid for a letter by the first American president. Apparently, the letter dates to 1787 and it was written for the prez’s nephew Bushrod Washinton urging him to adopt the country’s new constitution.

The letter was recently discovered by an unidentified British descendant of the Washington family. Just for a little flashback, George Washington was the one to lead the Philadelphia Covention where the Constitution was drafted in 1787. Once it was written, a nationwide debate ensued on whether to ratify it or not. Experts indicate that George Washington was a very poltically correct person but he liked to confide in his nephew. This little fact makes the letter even more valuable than it is for it reflects the personal POV of the president.
Even the auction house Christie’s was quite surprised at the final bid for the letter was expected to fetch anything around $2.5 million. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous. Last year, it was Abraham Lincoln’s replies to the abolitionist requests of a youth that went under the hammer for $3.4 million.


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