Victoria Grant’s Effectus Lux Lucis Hat Makes For A Functional Fashion Piece

Victoria Grant may not be a familiar name with the masses but the Richie Richs (preceeded by the adjective ‘fashionable’) do know what the brand implies – style with an unparalleled bid for luxury. And might we add that VG specializes in hats and couture head wear.

The newest offering from this side of fashion street is an exclusive collection hat that goes by the name of Effectus Lux Lucis. And this one draws inspiration from the British Royal Artillery and Medieval Execution Mask for 20 ltd. Frankly, we quite like Victoria’s whimsical sense of heritage versus humor.
A very contemporary trend idea, this one can also double up as a functional art piece that can work wonders when coupled with a light bulb with a wattage of 15, of course, when not worn. It has been crafted in hand from fur felt and then decorated with aluminum chain with an ostentatious Bird of Paradise puff – definitely meant for the flamboyant hatter. There are only six units up for sale at a price of $2,745 a piece. By the way, did we mention that the hat also salutes the good old British Heritage as well as the mysterious underworld of sex & roleplay pursued through the ages.

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