Primula Speak n’ Brew: Talk to Get Coffee!

There was a time when making coffee was all about boiling water and then brewing the coffee in the hot water, adding sugar and then the right quantity of milk. However, technology advanced and we got to make our coffees using those nice machines by pressing a couple of buttons.

However it turns out people are getting lazier by the day and they do not want to press any buttons anymore even! Thus, this cool Primula Speak n’ Brew is a coffee machine that just allows you to give voice commands. It comes with voice recognition software and all you would need to do is say “Set the coffee brewing time” or “Set the clock” and then it would be done.

Some of the features of the machine include sleek stainless steel housing, pause and serve functionality, an LCD screen and a removable filter. You could make sure that you no longer have to worry about pressing the wrong button when you are drunk and thus make some great coffee by just giving orders. I am not sure if it understand my sarcasm, when I ask it to prepare tea. Go ahead and order it!

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  • Wow now this is a bit too much for me, I still enjoy the concept of making coffee, even though our technology has become so advanced!!!

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