Coming: Ritz-Carlton in Egypt’s Cairo

Ritz-Carlton is setting shop at Cairo, with a splendid 160 room design.

The new hotel – Ritz-Carlton Hills in its chain will have spectacular views of the pyramids of Giza, a huge spa, two ballrooms and a fabulous swimming pool as has been revealed. The name may however not be confused with Nile Ritz-Carlton which is also in the making, insist officials. Ritz-Carlton chain has said that Egypt makes it the perfect canvas for it to attract tourists with respect to local customs and traditions.

The resort, according to officials, will have metal columns designed to resemble the papyrus plant, and water systems inspired by ancient irrigation canals along Nile’s basin. Multiple courtyards and views of the Cairo skyline are some of the other features.

Bookings have not begun yet for the hotel in making though. OBMI Resort Design has been working to make the hotel not just a grand one, but a green one too, with the help of 13 LEED certified professionals. Those with deep pockets and those who are suitcase savvy can only wait and watch as the structure takes shape, to finally enjoy its amazing comforts, which is in 2012.

Via: Ritz-Carlton, OBMI

Ritz-Carlton Cairo

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