Ricardo Fedrizzi Designs the Cool Fiamma Sportscar

Fiamma Sportscar, which has been inspired¬ by Puma GTE before 1975, is designed by Ricardo Fedrizzi and is one of the examples for the glorious past that Brazil has had in the history of racing and motoring. Brazil is an unlikely candidate when it comes to international motoring but the country is surprisingly evolved when it comes to cars and bikes which are of racing grade.

The Fiamma Sportscar comes with cool big wheels and strong musculature which gives the car a great shape and also the strength. With great personal strength and amazing cuts and lines, you could expect the Fiamma Sportscar to be an example of Brazilian classic fashionable racing cars. It is a Supersports Car which comes with a wheelbase of 2805mm and a length of 4520mm.

It has a height of 1235mm and a width of 2100mm. The engine is located in the middle and thanks to a longitudinal engine alignment; you can expect the car to be really powerful and fast. It has an aluminium construction and an RWD drive. I would love to drive this car along the waterfront in Monaco, as the car suits such ritzy places instead of the hell-hole I live in.

Courtesy Mr. Ricardo Fedrizzi


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