Jairo da Costa Junior’s HEROes: A Gift to Atheletes with Special Needs

Brazil is these days the hot bed for industrial design activity. The country has seen a number of talented designers coming to the foreground with their amazingly brilliant designs. One such person is Jairo da Costa Junior. He is based in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina and has designed the HEROes. HEROes is a sport wheelchair which allows people with mobility restrictions to participate in sports.

It allows them to play games that are related to different types of land, and also on the beach. Frisbee, badminton, croquet, wheelchair volleyball and beach rugby are some of the games that can be played thanks to HEROes. The idea was to create something that was universal and also sustainable. It shall be adapted to different communities, cultures and is going to be eco-friendly and economically viable.


Thanks to HEROes, even the physically disabled can play many games that they can never dream to play. It is not about just playing, but they can also go ahead and participate in competitions which would allow them to continue and live a satisfactory life. It is targeted at Brazilian population who present some kind of special need. It shall cost $1,950 when manufactured.


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