Gorgeously Painted Fender Guitars In Japan Sell For At Least $100K

Are you a music lover with some money saved up for litte extravagances to indulge in now and then? If the answer is a ‘yes’, then you must head to the Yahoo Auction in Japan which is selling not one but two limited edition Fender guitars. Well, these gorgeous set of duos has been painted beautifully by the extremely talented Evangelion Character Rei after being skillfully crafted by Yuriy Shishkov who is a known senior master builder at Fender. Did we tell you that we have falled head over heels in love with the splash of color on the basic backdrop of black and white!

You might have guessed by now that these are two exclusive guitars and have had the good fortune of being valued far more than actually estimated. Although the bid for the Rei-Stratocaster started at $5,540 and reached $100,000. As for the Rei-Televaster went on to a sale price of $85,000.
We do realise that the news about the auction might be reaching you a tad late considering the fact that there is very little time left for the auction to end. Get in touch with your pals teaching English in Japan for they might try their luck for your sake.

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