Cristiano Giuggioli Designs Uber-chic Foldable Bike

Milan has been the scene for several talented designers to showcase either creations. Cristiano Giuggioli is one such Milanese designer who is already taking the Italian designing scene by storm. Cristiano has design the Broker, which is a foldable bike that helps the people of the cities to live an awesome life.

It is a great vehicle that lets you spin around the city roads, and thanks to all the great lines and cuts, it becomes much easier to zip around urban areas. It comes with a sporty design and it maintains ecological balance by not consuming power and its great design maintains the elegance that is expected of a great design like that. It is safe and light and can be used by urban workers who have to travel short distances but usually use cars instead.


Instead of using the cars, if they used these cool Broker bikes, I would say it would be an awesome thing to do. Moreover, they can be folded and carried away, and hence it poses no problem for the busy bee who has to go around a lot and has no time to find parking space. It is also great for University students who need to zip aro0und the University campus quite often.


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