BlackBerry Bold 9700 Looks Amazingly Chic and Sublime

Sometimes there are things that money alone can buy you, no matter what all those hypocritical money-haters tell you. The truth is, no one hates money and everyone wants more and more of it. When they lack it, they claim to dislike it. And when they have a lot of it, out of guilt they put on the pretence of disgust towards money.

If you do not have any such hypocritical ideas about money, you should go ahead and celebrate the act of spending by getting yourself this cool BlackBerry Bold 9700. It is the result of the collaboration between Monocle and RIM and comes with a custom leather strap. Only 100 of these would ever be manufactured. It comes pre-loaded with Monocle’s travel guides, custom wallpapers, 16 GB memory card and a kick-ass attitude.

It would be available for shipping from the 10th of December and will cost you $1,500. I would say, go ahead and flaunt your money not to impress others, but yourself. Spending money can be cathartic, and there is nothing better to elevate one’s mood than to go ahead and spend loads of money. It doesn’t matter what you buy as long as you spend money!

Via: Uber Gizmo
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