Andy Kurovets Designs the Liquid Time Watch

Andy Kurovets is an amazing designer who has created the “Liquid Time!” concept watch. The clock can be turned upside right and it comes with two titles. With the idea of “From Nowhere to Nowhere” prevalent, it studies how the 5th dimension works. It comes with two LCD screens and thanks to some really clever typography, you could expect to have one of the most avant-garde watches/clocks in the world.

The watch/clock looks more like a person than a watch itself and you might be able to get one based on which colour you like. With so many watches being designed every day, it is not every day that you would find something as unique as this one. Andy Kurovets certainly knows what it takes to design something that is completely different.


These watches here tell the world that a clock or a watch need not be something that is similar to what has been designed always, but it can be something that is way too cooler and different than the ones that we have always been seeing every single day in the hundreds of designs that we come across every day. The Liquid Time is an absolutely cool design.


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