Green Gingerbread House is Completely Organic

With Christmas fast approaching, you would find gingerbread in all themes and in fact, you would gingerbread men, gingerbread vehicles, and even gingerbread houses! The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte, a new LEED®-built hotel have designed a cool new Gingerbread house which is completely organic.

It has been christened Green Gingerbread house and Chef Jon Farace took the pains to build it to immaculate detail. It comes with LED lights, and looks like a Tudor mansion. I would so love to live in a Gingerbread House such as this, so that I could eat my own house, just like the Hansel & Gretel’s tale. However, you never know, and there could be an evil witch lurking inside!

You could also take a look at the enormous quantity of ingredients that was used to build this cool Gingerbread house. I would ask you to visit the Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte and get a look of the house yourself. There is nothing better than Christmas festivities when it comes to eatables and all the great and delicious baked stuff. Even greater is that art that goes behind each of these creations.

via: Luxist

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