Elite Estate: Los Angeles Athletic Club Renovated to Withstand Another Century!

Los Angeles can be an exceptionally confusing place. Hollywood was a village way back in 1880 when the Los Angeles Athletic Club opened, and Malibu Colony referred to a colony of bats. While the bats have left and the stars have dropped from above over this valley and hills overlooking the lights of LA, the Los Angeles Athletic Club has stood firm on its ground.

Hundreds of clubs have opened and closed, but this venerable institute not only survived economic downturns, wars, and even changing fads but after a renovation it is all ready for the next 130 years as well! The club comes with a 80,000 square-foot fitness centre where you could enjoy indoor Olympic pool, court sports, yoga, squash, exhaustive fitness menu and a spa as well.


There is also the Trophy Room where you could eat gourmet food and drink wine like aristocrats, if you are not yet one already. There are also 72 exquisite rooms designed in various flavours such as Athletic Club, Social Club, Bruin Club, Yacht Club, Country Club, Polo Club, Racquet Club, Beach Club and many others. At $149, you get to spend a night in this amazing club!

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