Aston Martin Rapide Suits Well for the Well Heeled

If you always wanted a car that exudes brilliance, sophistication and elegance, you should really be thinking about Aston Martins. The Aston Martin Rapide is one of the best cars I have ever come across and I would say you should give it a second thought if you are considering buying a new luxury car.

Bang & Olufsen sound system, heated memory seats and dual-cast brakes are some of the features while it also comes with an adaptive damping system. Each car requires about 220 man hours to build and it would be delivered next March. About 2000 of these cars would be sold and each car costs £139,950. I would so love to get a car like this, but unfortunately I cannot afford to buy anything so expensive.

I shall stick to hitching a ride at the truck stop, for that is what most lot-lizards do, if they lose their other incomes, such as writing for luxury magazines for instance. If that sounded too sardonic for you, I suggest you shell out the money and get the car and prove to the world that you do not need to be picked up at truck-stops on national highways.

Via: Auto Car

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