Mobile Refrigerators Excel in Modular Design

If you know how cooling and heating takes place, you would already be knowing that cold is heavier than heat and thus heavy particles are always above the cold particles. Based on that principle, here is a cool Portable Fridge which looks colourful and stylish, and can be moved anywhere you want.

It is still in a conceptual stage and what it does is that it allows you to save energy by keeping the food down and make up for cold-air loss in other refrigerators. Normal refrigerators are kept in such a way that most of the space inside is wasted and only a small area of the refrigerator is used for cooling food and vegetables. The rest is a depressingly wasteful space of cold air.


While the idea is definitely working it also comes with many drawbacks. Thanks to its modular nature, it is not really portable and it may become confusing for the user to handle so many modules in a refrigerator. If you are really keen on purchasing this, you may have to wait for a while till it arrives in the market. It is an amazing design that requires a lot of ovation.


Via: Dornob

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