Carbon Fiber iWallet Comes with Bluetooth Technology

There is nothing better than a chic wallet but usually the wallet always runs the risk of being stolen. More than 40% of the identity theft occurs thanks to stolen wallets from where credit card information and other such information can be easily extracted. Here is a cool new Carbon Fiber iWallet which is smart and comes with Bluetooth and other such technological benefits.

Steve Cabouli has designed this amazing gadget which is locked until you use your Biometric information and use your fingerprints for further biometric info. However, a thief can use a screwdriver in order to break open the wallet. Moreover the wallet is synced to your cellphone and if your wallet is out of range, then the cellphone will sound an alarm.

So go ahead and get this amazing wallet if it is available near you. The carbon fibre version costs $600 and the fibreglass version costs $300. With such a heavy price tag, I would rather risk losing my regular wallet than a carbon fibre wallet like this. I have no idea if it is a great idea to buy it, but it is certainly entertaining to know about it!


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