Disposable Flasks The Best Solution To Sneak Booze Into Class!

Whoever said that it’s a bad idea to try and smuggle some booze into school or work has obviously not had the pleasure of being drunk in class. After all, what could possibly turn a history lesson interesting except for a few shots of the real thing? Plus, it gives you the guts to tell those annoying professors just what you think of them, before regurgitating splendidly onto their favourite shoes!

If you’ve never thought of doing that then it’s probably because you tried the absolutely amateur method of attempting to carry your choice of poison in glass bottles. What you need is this disposable flask that you can easily fold hidden away tucked into your shoe or some other unmentionable place. They’ll also keep you especially warm and if you’re frisked by a nosy teacher then just claim it’s a hot water flask.

Each set of three empty flasks costs $15, which is worth buying because with these flasks you can safely sneak in three different drinks to make a nice cocktail without getting caught! Just remember to look sober.

Via: RestorationHardware
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