Use SlideIT for Text Input, Don’t Type!

If you thought typing on a touchscreen pad is difficult, I am sure many would agree with what you say and think. In fact, I do not exactly like texting on a touchscreen keypad myself. Here is a cool new mobile text input by Symbian called the SlideIT which has been released for Symbian devices. This powerful and cool Touchscreen app allows you to learn how to type within no time and would help you to increase you writing time 2 or 3 times faster.

In fact, this app is meant to change the way people enter text. It encourages not to type but to slide, using the fingers. All you would need to do is slide your fingers and let the text appear on the screen. It needs little effort and you could always try it and ditch it if you don’t like.

I am sure this would be a great success if it is available for free for a longer time. Which brings me to tell you that at the moment the keyboard can be downloaded for free. It should be a great app, if you asked me. So go ahead and download it while it is still free, for you never know when it would become expensive or not free again.

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  • it doesent just look good, it FRIKING AWESOOOOME

    I love also the shortcuts, you type afk and it types “away from keyboard”

    Also you can edit the shortcuts its ROCKS

    It speeds up the typing a loooooooot

    Great works guys keep it up…..

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