Toyota Unveils i-unit, an Urban Concept

Most of the times when we drive in the city, we drive alone. Hence, it is better to have vehicles that seat a single person rather than two or four as this requires less fuel for the vehicle to move. Toyota has thus launched the i-unit which is a cool new vehicle which looks as strange as it sounds. It has been designed as the future transport for city dwellers.

It aims to bring the driver closer to the environment and allow them to appreciate the beauty of cities while driving. It comes with 2 driving modes and the upright one is for slow movement and the laid-back is for high speed mode. It can be controlled by using drive-by-wire technology and just a joystick is enough to control the vehicle.

It almost looks like a toy to me but it should be a great way to drive around the city. I do not think this would ever be released, but if it is, I am not going to buy it as I believe cars can be used for many purposes. The most common use of a car is to drive to a dark place within the city or if you have time, drive to the outskirts to get busy with the guy you hooked up with.

Via: Diseno Art

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