Tim Richter Designs Cool Loft for the Style Conscious

Tim Richter is a Shanghai based designer who has created the naoLoop Loft. With two cool versions available, you have something really cool to be cheerful about. One version of the loft is laser cut stainless steel and the other is laser cut steel which is powder coated. The loft is bent slightly to give a 3D look and hence it looks really innovative.

Moreover it measures just 1.5 mm. With two integrated hangars, you can easily adjust the angle on the wall. It organizes, carries and displays all your important and everyday stuff which may lie haphazardly in your house. The design is targeted at people between the ages of 18 and 45 and these are the ones that look for some order in their lives. The loft costs 55 Euros and above.


I am sure you would love to get this for yourself and make sure that your room does not look bad or dirty. So go ahead and get it when it is available in real. It is still in the conceptual stage and might take many years to hit the market even if it really gets manufactured in actuality. The sad part is most designs never get materialized, let’s hope this one does!


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