The Queen’s Stamp Mould Is Up For A Very Rare Auction

Since times immemorial, stamps have proven to be a great way to honour somebody or their memories. And one such person who has earned herself the prerogative to be immortal always (for various reasons, both positive and not so negative ones too) is none other than the Queen of England. Well, the original Queen stamp was created by sculptor Arnold Machin, and that too way back in 1967.

We also hear that the Queen loved the lines of the stamp so much that she ordered to never have it updated. All this when her effigy on the British coin has been modified time and again. And for this reason, we think Machin should be a very happy man.
The plaster cast has printed over 320 billion stamps for the last 40 years. This mould will be held up for a very rare auction and the bidding might just start next week. The estimated price is at least $16,320. Folks are very excited about the sale. We heard a member of staff at the Staffordshire auction house saying that absolutely nothing like this has ever been there for sale before. The event indeed is a rather exclusive and rare one.

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