The Icon by Lorenzo Cycles Costs $63,000

Custom bike builder Eddie Trotta was recently teamed up wi8th by Lorenzo Cycles and they have launched the limited edition choppers in 13 units. They call it the Icon and it looks pretty impressive.

If Eddie is the one on the bike, he would have looked better with a black t-shirt instead of the orange one! The specs are quite impressive, though not outstanding. It only looks great and if looks are what you are looking for, you should go ahead and get this bike immediately. S&S Anniversary Edition Shovelhead, Thunder Cycle Mini Floorboards, Thunder Cycle Velocity Stack and other cool features make the bike a really awesome one.

The Icon by Lorenzo Cycles costs $63,000 which is a bit too much to ask. Well, if the bike comes with the guy who sits on it, then I am sure there would be many takers. Just the bike may not be interesting enough. I also wonder why it is orange in colour. They could have used something less gaudy and cheap. This could be a great gift during Christmas and I am sure any bike lover would like it, except for the hideous orange.

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