Senz Umbrella Does not Invert When the Wind Blows!

Every time it trains, it always rains in torrents. You must have been damn annoyed when you try to protect yourself with an umbrella but a raising gust of wind causes the umbrella to invert! It is so annoying that most people like to wear those clumsy and ugly raincoats.

Here is a cool umbrella that has been designed to address this problem. It comes with an aerodynamic design and it cuts through gusts of wind without inverting. Senz Umbrella or how it is known, is a great idea and even looks quite chic. I would say, visit their official website and get yourself one of these cool umbrellas before it starts to pour in torrents again.

Umbrellas that looks lightly different will also make you look different from the rest of tem and would automatically make you the object of attention. If you looked at the bearer of the umbrella closely, you would realize that he looks really happy. He is happy because of the Senz Umbrellas. If you got one for yourself you would smile and be happy like him as well. What do you choose? An inverted umbrella or a smile?

Via: Design Milk

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