Scroll Clock: Something Different from Analog and Digital Clocks

If you were tired of all the boring watches and clocks that told you time in the same old manner, you are not the only one. No one wants the same old thing and everyone desires a break from the monotonous. Here is a cool new clock that features scrolls instead of digital numbers. It looks like the scroller in the computer which moves from a page up and down.

The clock too, similarly moves up and down in its scroll and thus reveals time. It has been designed by Quentin Thiaucourt. The Scroll Clock is one of the more avant-garde clocks I have ever come across. So go ahead and get yourself an amazing Scroll Clock if it is available. However, I feel it is still a concept that is not exactly available.

It would look amazing if you give this thing as a gift to one of your friends who have been complaining against both analogue and digital clocks. When something so weird and cool is designed, one just has to appreciate, no matter what. You could take a look at how the clock works and what you could do to make it function better. You could also take a look at many other pictures.

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