Get Pope Home for $100,000!

If you were looking for a great sculpture that depicts some amount of religiosity, you should go ahead and get the Bronze Pope sculpture by Alan Somerville. There is something cool about this statue as it looks so life-like that you would for a minute think it’s a real person. It is a life sized sculpture that is based on the Catholic religious Figure of the 20th century.

It could be cast in Bronze or Cold Cast resin and is available worldwide. The sculpture comes with a price tag of $100,000 and is quite expensive. While I always like people who are non religious, I find it quite weird to be writing about the pope’s statue. Nevertheless, I have always been a sucker for bronze statues for they look so great.

Moreover, Alan has done a wonderful job on the statue and if you can afford it, you really should buy the statue immediately before it is bought by someone else. It would be interesting to have the pope’s statue in the house and you could sing “What if God was one of Us!” by Joan Osbourne, and think about what the Pope might do in Rome when he feels lonely.

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