Fabio Ognibeni

Fabio Ognibeni has designed a cool looking speaker made of metal and wood. In fact it looks more like a sculpture than a speaker and it comes with intricate details. The speakers cost $263,000 and I wonder why anybody would want to spend so much on speakers, and it does not even look chic. I really would not mind spending a lot of money if something looked good and chic, and had the name of Louis Vuitton on it.

However, a weird looking speaker and a tag of $263,000 just will not do for me. It has been manufactured by Opere Sonore and reproduces Stradivarius vibrations. It has been manufactured with materials that has been brought from Italy. Apparently this speaker is world class and would be unveiled at the imperial palace in Hofburg in Vienna.

I trust speakers that have been manufactured by good companies and that too, by eminent audiophiles. However, weird design and look does not really go well with the sound quality. If you wanted something looked weird and also played music, you could buy these speakers to impress your friends. Otherwise, I would ask you not to waste money.

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  • This information is wrong. Fabio Ognibeni is the maker but not the designer. The designer is NYT Line (www.nyt-line.fr). Second error, the speaker is only one, not two. The sound diffuses in 360 ° and is no directive. This system does not need two speakers.

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