Dessence Co, ltd Unveils Bizarre but Chic Door

Here is what is crazier than the devil. Dessence Co, ltd has unveiled a door and a door lock that is totally absurd. While it looks really chic and minimalist, the door apparently cannot be opened unless the door handle is moved.

If you do not have the door handle, it would almost be like a plain door with no place to gain entry. The robber or the thief has to forcibly enter by breaking the door open literally. The problem however is that you have to carry the door handle with yourself whenever you go out. Would you like to walk around with your door handle everywhere just to make sure that a robber doesn’t enter? What would happen if you lost the handle?

Would the locksmith be able to fix the lock, when there is no lock in fact? These are the questions that run through my head when I look at this stylish design. It is certainly stylish and chic, but to what extent is it functional? The designer certainly forgot that a door handle cannot be carried and that the locksmith would have to destroy the whole door if you do not have the door handle.

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