Chocolatey Cellphones Make Your Mouth Water

Melty Bitter (Brown) and Melty Strawberry (Pink) clamshell phones are not your usual cellphones. You cannot use them to make calls, or send messages. Well, you can’t even use them to check time. So why are we writing about these serious sounding cellphones? Because they can be eaten up. These cellphones are so tasty that they can actually be gobbled up as soon as you see them, and it does not even harm your system. NTT Docomo has collaborated with Q-POT to release these sensual chocolates.

However, along with these desserts, you get the real cellphones which cannot be eaten. You also get pre-installed chocolate themed wallpapers, photo frames and menus on the real cellphones and they come with 3-inch WVGA ASV screen, 8MP CCD camera, waterproof, 1-seg digital TV tuner and Bluetooth.

Only 13,000 units would be manufactured and if you asked me that is a huge number of phones. I would rather buy some real chocolate which does not come with any cellphones and as for cellphones, I would buy something that actually comes with just electronic accessories and not chocolates.

via: Akihabara News

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