Vintage BMW Bikes Auctioned Off at Bonhams!

If you were looking for some cool bikes, you would most certainly visit the nearest BMW bike showroom so that you could buy a nice one. However, there is nothing like a vintage BMW bike as they not only reek of class and elegance, but they are also extremely beautiful Most of these bikes are very hard to get and they fetch a lot of money at auctions.

BMW bikes from the world’s largest private collection of classic BMW motorcycles were recently auctioned off by Willy Neutkens at Bonhams. The auction has almost 100 models of BMW bikes and some of them were so expensive that they cost almost £40,000! This collection was presented on behalf of the Neutkens family. If you are a bike fan, there is no way you can miss an auction like this.


Anyway, the auction is long over and you can’t possibly try your luck now. Next time around, you will just need to wait and watch for other auctions like this so that you could ride home an amazing bike. They say, bikes can easily set one’s heart free as they stand for freedom, adventure and impulsiveness. They bring back the youth in you!


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