The World’s Most Expensive Cellphone Costs $3.2 Million

If you had a few million dollars that were laying waste in the bank, how would you use them? Here is how an Australian businessman made use of his stagnant money: he ordered and commissioned what is being touted as the world’s most expensive cellphone.

He ordered for a 22 carat solid gold Apple iPhone 3GS with 136 diamonds in the front and 53 diamonds at the back. The front navigation button comes with 7.1 carat diamond. The cellphone was commissioned to Stuart Hughes and is one helluva cellphone. What I don’t understand is, he would definitely attract unwanted attention when he goes out to meetings and removes his cellphone outside.

Instead, he could have used the money to buy an island somewhere, or maybe just used it all up in a different fashion. Spending $3.2 million on an iPhone is not only stupidity but quite moronic as the battery would soon die rendering the phone useless, unless he got himself another battery. It is a bad idea to commission such expensive cellphones when many more things can be done in that kind of money.
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