Endless Warm: Solar Panels Keep Your Ears Warm in Winter

Yiran Qian from Germany has designed the Endless Warm, which is a cool cap that can be worn in times of winters. When the winter is really bitter, it would prick your ears and neck, with the freezing air blowing against your face. We can keep ourselves warm with jackets etc, but caps are not enough to keep ourselves warm.

The Endless Warm design comes with solar panels and it heats up your face so that you can feel warm and nice. It is a brilliant idea though it may not be appreciated by many. It could also be used in gloves by fitting the gloves with solar panels, so that when it’s cold, your fingers stay warm and comfortable. This is a mandatory product in cold countries of the north where temperatures drop below zero during winters.

I would have loved to have it for myself but unfortunately, it is still in a conceptual stage and it may never make it to the market, because usually people do not like to wear gadgets on their bodies. It would be interesting to see how this product would be perceived by the market and also by the manufacturers. If all that is positive, we can see the Endless Warm in shelves soon!

Via: Design Boom

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