National Treasure Star Nicolas Cage Gets In Cash Trouble

The lives of the rich and the famous are known, admired and criticised by most of us for their umpteen decadence. And we have also witnessed how its corrosive effects lead the celeb into a financial crisis. Take Oscar winner Nicolas Cage for instance. Buzz is that the National Treasure star might just have ran out of his personal treasure (read ‘moolah’) owing to excessive spending.

From the look of things, Rolls Royces are his weakness. So much so that he has nine of them. These were bought along with three mansions in a ÂŁ25million spending spree. And this started in 2007 when his films National Treasure 2 and Ghost Rider became huge box office hits.
And as we reported to you previously, Cage also shelled out some $276,000 for a 67 million year old dinosaur skull. The man sure likes to live king style what with 15 homes all over the world, three castles,a jet, four yachts and even a private island in the Bahamas. The actor has blamed ex-business manager Samuel Levin for making all these bad investment choices, which naturally Levin denies. And now Cage has some serious trimmings to make in his next budget!

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