Smart Bag: A Solution for Asian Kids

If you thought your child had to carry heavy bags to school with all those books, you would most certainly be coming from one of the Asian or African countries. In these countries, children are made to carry heavy books and this results in strained muscles and hurt bones.

Thus the Smart Bag is an awesome design by a Malaysian which addresses this problem. It is made from a lightweight material and comes with trolleys etc which help the child to pull the bag if it becomes too heavy. storage compartments for files, books, stationery and water bottles make it an attractive bag and even children would love it as they can carry so many books all at once.

Children can also “fold and carry” if they can, and sometimes such bags make all the difference to kids from these countries of the East. If only the education system in these countries changed and they followed a better pattern of lifestyle by leaning from the West, such bags would not be necessary too. It is almost criminal to ruin a child’s shoulder by making him or her carry so many books all at once in a bag.

Via: James Dyson Award

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