Outlife: A See-Through Portable Shelter for Those Who Love the Outdoors for Certain Reasons

Chilean designer Alvaro Poblete Poulsen certainly must be interested in exhibitionism. By designing a transparent portable shelter, he has created what could be used by voyeurs and exhibitionists in the great outdoors.

The see-through tent OUTLIFE, can be pitched in any weather condition and provides solace and comfort from elemental harm, and also from wild animals. It can withstand temperatures between -20 degree Celsius and 60 degree Celsius. However, you could also control the opacity of the tent, just in case you need a little privacy. The tent can be used in national parks and other places where cruising generally occurs.


Make sure you have a great body, especially if you plan to use the tent for things other than protection from the elements. I am sure no person would just buy such a chic and transparent tent for reasons other than the ones that are related to exhibitionism. Chilean designer Alvaro Poblete Poulsen certainly knows there is a lot of fun in showing and being seen, which is why people go for transparent tents, transparent houses, and transparent clothes.

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