NES Controller Themed Netbook Case Looks Chic

Video games have taken the world by a storm and there isn’t a single sphere in life that has not been touched by it. Most people play video games no no matter who they and where they stay. Most business executives, students, housewives and regardless of the demographics, video games have changed the way we live.

Here is a cool handmade NES controller pouch by seller SplashingKoi, and it costs $49.99. Thanks to the felt material, you would feel the softness and comfort when you hold your netbook. Imagine being able to carry a laptop in a felt NES controller case? No video game fan could actually deny that this could perhaps be the coolest netbook case in the world.

If you would like to buy one for yourself, you should be heading towards Etsy and just order one for yourself. When you go out next time with your laptop in this case, people will readily know that you are a fan of NES and all things that are related to video games. So just go ahead and get this for yourself, before you grow too old and lose interest in everything, including video games and netbooks.

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