Arctic Media Centric Living Space Can Be Turned In To a Recreation Device

Ever wondered what it is like to work effortlessly when in the arctic region? Well, not many would want to work or even travel in those inhospitable terrains but the Arctic Drifter is an amazing Mobile media centric living space and work unit. It comes with the prominent FlyEye system which collects ultra high resolution spherical projections which allow the crew to get a real feel of what it is like outside.

Thus, the researchers would never have to venture out into the cold, and then conduct the research and instead can gauge everything from the Arctic Drifting itself. It is made of Hypalon air bags and can be inflated before usage. Inaccessible landscapes can be better understood with its help and I am sure you would love to be an Arctic researcher yourself.

So go ahead and try this if you can, sometime in your life. I am sure this kind of design could be used for recreational purposes as well, by travel agencies who would want to sell the Arctic tours to eager travellers. In fact, it would be a great idea for those nations that come under the Arctic region like Scandinavian countries, Russia, Canada, Greenland and Iceland.

Via: Les Betes

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